Liberty Forum 2014 has ended
Liberty Forum is an annual conference celebrating Liberty, the Free State Project and New Hampshire.

John Maden

John's spirit animal is the Tibetan sand fox (Vulpes ferrilata); if he was a vegetable, he'd be ginger—a rhizome, or root, not a vegetable.  John's favorite essay, excluding anything written by Montaigne, is Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization.  His second favorite essay is Why The Hipster Must Die.  He works on OhYouHero, with his cousin, Chris and distressingly has become an expert in the area of online freelance and self-employment, something that would have once struck him as painfully boring.  John's politics tend toward left-anarchism, although he'd like to lead a rebranding campaign, but ultimately, he thinks Nietzsche had it right and there are no facts, only interpretations.  John earned a BA in political science from George Washington and an Masters in Public Administration from Rutgers University that he earned in conjunction with a stint in the Peace Corps.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, February 22

9:00am EST